June 2014 trip

It’s hard to believe that two weeks have passed since we were at camp.  We all had a great time working on the camp, and still had time to go out and catch limits of walleyes on several days.  The fishing was outstanding!!  We also had time to eat well, and as my cousin Eric would say, “laugh like only you can at Em-Kay”….

Some of the things we got accomplished this week were: building a new deck, lifting cabin 3-4, put a new floor in cabin 3-4, installed pex piping throughout the lodge, installed a new shower, and added an RV pump to our water system.  Now we can take real showers instead of a “drip”.  We reassembled an old chicken coop that will be our new boat house.  We affectionately call it “Ray’s Coop”.  We also had to repair the dock which didn’t hold up to the brutal winter.  Last but not least, we put up a flag pole to fly the camp flag in memory of my grandmother Alice, who passed away in the fall of 2013. 

Now for a few pictures of the trip… enjoy!


Getting a good start on the new deck.  You can see the outline of the old deck.  The new deck is more than twice the size of the old one.  When seeing it at this stage, I could hardly wait to see it completed!!



This next picture shows all of the joist’s installed, sure hope everything is level at this point!!



Hey, the new deck is completed!  It didn’t take long to begin using the added space to store coolers, totes, and a couple of chairs, so we could sit down and take a load off after a hard day’s work!!  It really turned out nice!!





The cabin measures 16′ by 30′ and was sunken into the ground.  We needed to dig down a foot so we could set the jacks to start the lift.  It took railroad jacks on the corners and a dozen handy man jacks to get this ‘ol girl off the ground.



Below is a mid-lift view of how many jacks we had on one side of the cabin.  It was very helpful to have a few extra handy man (red) jacks for this lift.



We are almost there……



The lift is over.  We needed to get the doors on it, but we are close….. 



New floor looks good!!





It was glorious!!!!





Great job boys!!





Setting it in place, making sure it is plumb….



The raising of the flags, in memory of Grandma Alice Taylor, what a great moment!!!



A picture of part of the gang under the newly installed flag pole.  A great addition to the camp!!




I thought I would end with this panorama shot that my brother took.  He was standing on the bluff at the camp one morning looking south.  It is a great picture that could be turned into a postcard.  It must have been awesome to hear the north woods come alive that morning.  Until next time, keep your rod tip up, line tight, and we’ll see ya up north…….

































Shore Lunch

Shore Lunch

This photo makes me smile! It doesn’t get much better than this! Fresh walleyes pulled out of the lake, filleted, dragged through spices, and cooking in a little peanut oil over a camp fire on an island! Heat up a can of Bush’s baked beans and you have a meal fit for a king!! It’s making me hungry.

Classic Camp Photos

It’s hard to believe it’s already December.  The good thing about that is, it means we are one day closer to the walleye opener in the spring!!!  Can you tell that cabin fever is starting to set in???  LOL

I decided to post some camp photos from the past (40+ years ago).  It is interesting how fast time flies…

Below is an Em Kay Camp brochure printed in the 70’s:

EmKayBrochure_Front        EmKayBrochure_Back

The next photo (early 1970’s) actually made it to the brochure, but is in color.  Ben Taylor the camp owner is the guy on the left helping hold up that big northern…

The next camp photo is really old!  I’m guessing late 1950’s, early 1960’s.  In this one my grandfather Vernon “Ben” Taylor is at the wood stove cooking sliced potato’s.  Doc Holland is behind him with Swede Pearson in the background.  They are in cabin 5, the shelf behind Swede is still hanging on the wall!!


The next photo (1970’s) is showing Grandpa “Ben” on the right with Bud Lesan tending to some meat on the grill and the main lodge as the backdrop.


The final picture (mid to late 70’s) is showing Ben Taylor (in hat) crouching in front of a mess of northerns with his hand around his beloved husky “Chinook”.  I am old enough to remember uncle Ben owning that dog .  Chinook loved to be petted and usually got a lot of attention from folks in the camp.


If you have any other classic Em Kay Camp photos, send them on to me to post on the blog.


2013 fishing

It is amazing that we are already into November of 2013.  Where did the year (summer) go??  As always we are all looking forward to the 2014 fishing on the English River near Ear Falls, Ontario.  Here are a few pictures to hold you over until headed to the Northwood’s next year….

Below is an undated photo (may be 2012) of the guys holding a big stringer of Walleye’s…

spring 2012


Here is Corey Bisgard, the Spring Sheriff with a 27 inch walleye:



Below is Kevin Henter with his 27 incher!


Here is Josh and gang (Randy seated, Daren behind Josh) with a nice 40+ northern!  Great job Josh, you look worn out after bringing that one into the boat!



Below is Michael Henter’s big slab of Northern.  It’s almost as big as he is (And Michael is a BIG (tall) guy!)

Micheal Henter big northern


Another Northern taken, caught by a friend of Eric’s

Big Northern Canada


Now, who put this picture showing the walleye poster boy’s 23 incher?!?!?  LOL

VT 2013 wedbed


Every trip we take to Canada, we vow to take more pictures of each event.  Maybe this will motivate some to take more pictures (including myself taking more).  I am planning on doing just that next June!!

The fishing was excellent all year long.  The best I have seen it in the months of August and September.  Until next year, keep your rod tip up, line tight, and don’t hog’em in…  VT

Finishing up limits to go home

Alice Rose (Miller) Taylor

Last Sunday morning at 6:30 am, Grandma Taylor passed away peacefully at Methodist Hospital in Des Moines.  The remarkable thing is that she was coherent up until the end.  She was able to identify everyone in the hospital room on Saturday night.  She still had that great smile on her face and had been dreaming about her boys.  She was the family matriarch and consistent prayer warrior, praying for each grandchild and great-grandchild every morning.  Grandma had the gifts of compassion and hospitality.  This was evident by her ability to listen well and offer sage advice to us all.  She would also spend hours entertaining many guests at the summer cabin near Ear Falls, Ontario Canada. (Read: cooking great food and playing dominos or some other game).  She was a great cook.  If you went hungry at her house, it was your own fault,  LOL.  I’m sure she is deep fat frying fish and long-johns right now for the multitudes.  We will miss her, however she was looking forward to being reunited with her boys and those that went on before her.  Go rest high on that mountain Grandma, go rest high…..


Alice Taylor, 95, of Creston, passed away Sunday, September 29, 2013 at the Iowa Methodist Medical Center in Des Moines. Private family graveside services will be 1:30 p.m. Sunday, OCTOBER 13, 2013 at Graceland Cemetery in Creston. Online condolences may be made at www.powersfh.com.  Alice Rose (Miller) Taylor was born July 9, 1918 on a farm southeast of Creston in Grant Township to Hattie (Molby) and John A. Miller. She moved with her family in 1924 to Creston, where she graduated as Valedictorian from Creston High School in 1936. She attended Creston Junior College for one year and then taught in a country school for one year.

On May 29, 1938 she married Vernon W. “Benny” Taylor. To this union, four children were born: Helen Beth, Terry, Jack and Ben Taylor.  During her life, she worked as a receptionist at the REA office north of Creston in 1955 to 1963. In 1970, she took the census for Sand Creek and Pleasant Townships. She also did interviews for several years in the Creston area for Princeton, New Jersey Gallop Poll.  Alice was a member of the First Baptist Church where she was a deaconess, VBS and Sunday School Teacher and church choir member. She was also a member of the former Spizzerinktum Club, South Valley Quilters, Bancroft History Club, Friends of the Library, YMCA & 55 Plus Club, N.A.R.V.R.E., Railroad Club, Women’s Auxiliary for both the Hospital and Hospice and was active with Meals on Wheels for many years.

Alice and Vernon spent 30 summers at their cottage in Ear Falls, Ontario, Canada, where they also attended church and made many friends in the area.

Survivors include one daughter, Beth Taylor Ferguson of Creston; daughters-in-law, Sherry Taylor of Creston, Bonnie Taylor of Des Moines, Willie Taylor of Ankeny, Dawn Taylor of Des Moines, one sister Pauline Moberg of Creston, 12 grandchildren, 20 great-grandchildren, four nephews and two nieces. She was preceded in death by her husband Vernon W. “Benny” Taylor, three sons, Terry V. Taylor, Jack P. Taylor and Ben Taylor, a sister, Helen Long, three brothers-in-law Don Moberg, Raymond Long and W.P. Taylor and one sister-in-law Juanita Taylor.