Cabin 2 upgrade

Here are a couple of before and after photo’s of cabin 2.  Cabin 2 is a cozy 12′ x 12′, perfect for two people (and possibly a dog).  Cabin 2 was raised off of the ground, new floor installed, new shingles, re-chinked and painted.  The completed project looks pretty sharp!!  It is my favorite cabin in the camp!!  enjoy

Cabin up in the air ready to be roofed.

cabin 2  lift

Here is Cabin 2 getting closer, notice the 6×6 beams we put into place to help support the “old” logs.Cabin 2 getting closer

Here is the cabin lifted with a new roof.  The “new” tool shed is in the foreground.  The area still needed some worksite cleanup.  🙂

cabin 2 lifted and new roof

Here is Mike installing a floor in one of the cabins.  All of the cabins are getting new 3/4 inch tongue and groove plywood floors.

Mike installing cabin floor

One last picture of what the floor looks like when it’s completed.

floor complete

At the end of a long day, we like to relax, light a camp fire (weather permitting), cook some food and tell some stories, just like they did in the past.

bon fire at camp

NEXT WEEK:  Photos of 2013 fishing.  Send me your favorite photo and I will post it on the blog.

Teaser Photo:  My 23 incher, caught September 2013 on a jighead/yellow worm, tipped with a night crawler.

VT Sept 2013--2

Lodge Upgrade

It’s been a few weeks since I posted anything. I was able to get up North and the fishing was the best I have ever seen for August and September. Here are a few pictures of the before and after of the Main lodge transformation. Enjoy

Before renovations


Here is the lodge with a new front deck, fresh paint job and waiting to get new shingles put on

Main Cabin with Tool shed  before shingles


Here is the lodge completely done.  I’m sure the group will continue to add little things to it in the future, but for now it’s looking GREAT!!


lodge finished