Classic Camp Photos

It’s hard to believe it’s already December.  The good thing about that is, it means we are one day closer to the walleye opener in the spring!!!  Can you tell that cabin fever is starting to set in???  LOL

I decided to post some camp photos from the past (40+ years ago).  It is interesting how fast time flies…

Below is an Em Kay Camp brochure printed in the 70’s:

EmKayBrochure_Front        EmKayBrochure_Back

The next photo (early 1970’s) actually made it to the brochure, but is in color.  Ben Taylor the camp owner is the guy on the left helping hold up that big northern…

The next camp photo is really old!  I’m guessing late 1950’s, early 1960’s.  In this one my grandfather Vernon “Ben” Taylor is at the wood stove cooking sliced potato’s.  Doc Holland is behind him with Swede Pearson in the background.  They are in cabin 5, the shelf behind Swede is still hanging on the wall!!


The next photo (1970’s) is showing Grandpa “Ben” on the right with Bud Lesan tending to some meat on the grill and the main lodge as the backdrop.


The final picture (mid to late 70’s) is showing Ben Taylor (in hat) crouching in front of a mess of northerns with his hand around his beloved husky “Chinook”.  I am old enough to remember uncle Ben owning that dog .  Chinook loved to be petted and usually got a lot of attention from folks in the camp.


If you have any other classic Em Kay Camp photos, send them on to me to post on the blog.


11 thoughts on “Classic Camp Photos

  1. urbangrizzly says:

    Fish camp photo’s are the best!

  2. kayakfishingfever says:

    Love those old photos of hunting and fishing. Thanks

    • Vince T says:

      Thanks, I had fun gathering those pictures from the past! I can hardly wait to get on the water and catch some walleye’s…and make some new pictures.

      Thanks for coming to the Em Kay Camp blog


  3. dwightpete says:

    Well that brings back a ton of memories from my childhood, used to have that brochure but not sure if it is still here or not. Spent the summer I turned 16 at EmKay helping Uncle Ben, granted I wasn’t given a choice as usual (kinda like walking the bean fields for your Dad pulling weeds LOL …….. when we would get shipped back to Iowa for the summer as kids whether we wanted to or not).

    • Vince T says:

      Hey Dwight,
      Thanks for coming to the blog. I’m glad you have good memories of Em Kay. Hopefully we will see you up there again someday….

      • dwightpete says:

        Would be fun, not possible at this time as I stay home and take care of my wife. Was thinking about the past and did a search for “Em Kay Camp” and found this, loved the history of camp post you made from Uncle Ben’s writing…. awesome stuff!!

      • Vince T says:

        I’m glad you liked it. I hope to add more soon (and have others post also). Uncle Ben did a great job putting together a history of the area and camp!! You never know, you may be up there sometime sooner than you think!!

  4. kayakfishingfever says:

    Here near the Adirondacks we call lake homes or cottages camps. I’m sure it comes from the height of interest and transportation to the area. People called a tent, cabin, lean to’s and hotels; going to camp. I’m on Black Lake. A lot of family owned and old camps in the area. Thanks really enjoyed.

    • Vince T says:

      Whatever anyone calls it, it’s great being at “camp”!! Even if it is for a couple of days… I can hardly wait to get to camp this spring!!! Thanks for the comment and for stopping by the Em Kay Camp blog!!

  5. David Fort says:

    Fond memories of Em Kay and Uncle Ben’s (Vernon) cabin. No TV. Just fishing and family fun playing games at night.

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