Vince T

Bio: I wanted to start an Em Kay Camp Blog for a while now just to record and share the sights, sounds, tastes and memories of the trips that we take up North. The "camp" is now a private retreat for family members to hang out, do some fishing and decompress from the world's fast pace. Enjoy our outdoor memories. VT

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Tilly Frueh says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and the like. I’ve looked through your blog just a bit and have enjoyed it. Look forward to seeing more.

  2. Lincoln Meerdink says:

    Just for fun, I thought I would explore the internet with the purpose of trying to find people and places that held exceptional importance for me during my youth, one significant experience for me was Em Kay camp. I hope your blog is referencing the place I spent three summers of my life.I am now 68 years old, and continue to think of Em May every day. If your property is at the confluence of the English and Kachuni rivers at the head of Camping Lake, you own the property that generated a lifetime of my most precious memories. My first visit to the camp was when I was 15 years old, in 1967. We had no adult supervision, just permission. Then the camp was owned by Mr. and Mrs. Henry. It consisted of four pretty decent cabins, a tar paper shack…which was ours, a very small cabin for the guide, Chris Williams, and a small enclosure for the gas generator, which by the way was used for two hours a day. I was not alone, as three of my boyhood friends also came along. We would stay for the summer, such as it is, returning to our hometown, Sheboygan Wisconsin, and back to school. My final visit was in 1970. I have a photograph, the second most important I have, the first being my son’s birth picture. I took it from about 3/4 of a mile away on our way to the dock while we were approaching from the Camping Lake side. The picture may be faded, but my memories are not. I wish I had your telephone number so I could share some of my memories with you. The photo has a place of honor in my home…it hangs in my front hallway, and visitors to my home never stop noticing it, and asking questions about it. My body might be 53 years older, but, my memories are fresh and clear.

    • Vince T says:

      Thanks Lincoln for your comment! This is the one and only Em Kay Camp! It was purchased by my uncle from the Henry family in 1973. It is now a private camp. Can you take a picture of your photo and send it to me through word press?

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